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At Viriya, we look at most grant management projects and tasks through the lens of the grants management lifecycle. From pre-award through closeout, it is critical that grant activities generated by federal and state funding align with regulatory requirements and that all tasks support compliant outcomes and satisfy administrative requirements. A single oversight can contribute to the loss of grant funding. The administrative and logistical demands of grant management can often be a burden to grantees. Viriya is able to use our technical expertise and administrative capabilities to supplement, not supplant, the grantee as an extension of their staff and work together to not only assist with the administration of the funds, but to also inform and better prepare for the future.


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A shared characteristic between our clients is the need for funding to carry out the critical activities which they develop to serve their communities. Grant funding can be used as the sole source for a particular Our grants team will provide successful, proactive preparation of grants and proposals that are in strategic alignment with grantee goals and budgeted resources. Our assistance includes researching grant opportunities that align with initiatives and priorities by identifying key projects that grantees may be eligible for, writing and formatting the grant proposal, and consulting to ensure a successful grant program. We will assist in the preparation of a comprehensive and short-term or long-term approaches that satisfy the needs of the grant, by solving a single grant, or by creating an entire grant portfolio.



Before disasters, considerable effort must be paid to preparing for all hazards. Through planning and exercises, states, communities, and the private sector can establish road maps of its own response to every type of hazard and can practice them through table top and full exercises. Whether after a real event or an exercise, After Action Reporting (AAR) processes are critical for improvement. At Viriya, we have the right staff, resources, and experience to assist states, communities, and even the private sector with this important phase.


This phase involves the first contact with an emergency incident. It is in this phase where long hours are spent in Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and those resources assigned to these operations can experience fatigue taking on numerous shifts for a prolonged period. Some at Viriya know this experience well as former emergency management officials who had to endure these long shifts. Viriya has ICS trained staff who can take over most roles in an EOC as response augmentees. Whether conducting additional damage assessments, filling an ICS role in the EOC, or serving as advisors for the transition from response to recovery, we can address your needs. 


This phase of emergency management dominates resources and time and success is highly dependent upon the degree to which states, communities, and private entities already have a plan for recovery. The most important component of recovery is the financial support available to states, communities,  and certain not for profit organizations; and conducting effective damage assessments.  At Viriya, we have experience advising states and communities regarding paths to recovery but also in the nuts and bolts of the tasks necessary in grant management to not only obtain funding but to use it effectively and to retain it in a federal oversight environment. Whether it is FEMA Individual Assistance (IA) for short term recovery or Public Assistance (PA), HUD CDBG-DR, U.S. Commerce’s EDA grants for economic recovery, and even ad hoc programs created for COVID-19 like the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CRF) and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), we have experience in all of them serving Recipient states and Recipient/Subrecipient local communities and certain not for profit organizations.


There is now an emphasis on mitigating damages with so many costly disasters in the last two decades. States and communities need meaningful and realistic mitigation plans before they may access certain mitigation grant funding. With this ever evolving phase of emergency management, states and communities have tremendous opportunities with federal assistance to enhance resilience through programs like the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC), HUD’s CDBG-MIT, and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) as well as Section 406 post-disaster. Viriya has assisted with planning and executing mitigation projects using these funding resources.


Streamlined government and the need to make government easier for citizens is paramount for state and local governments. Accountability is also key to citizen confidence in government operations. Viriya can assist governments in a variety of ways such as surging augmented staff for a government program, reviewing the performance of programs and recommending ways to optimize the outputs and outcomes of these programs. We can also examine program citizen touchpoints to assess the extent of user intuitiveness and how technology and innovation is being used to those ends, and provide recommendations and even solutions.


As a society, we are approaching the 4th Industrial Revolution, aptly coined the “Age of Automation”. Having had our ear to the ground since inception, Viriya has maintained a key focus on Technology and Innovation, and its rapidly increasing impact on business and government functions. With a growing team of solutions experts and software engineers, our team is well positioned to work with small businesses, non-profits, and government entities to assess and streamline processes with cutting edge technology. Having full stack development capabilities, our team is able to help realize your vision without the guardrails or limitations of available no-code solutions. Our team also prides itself on our ability to rapidly develop minimum viable products to provide near-immediate solutions. With a robust development toolkit, Viriya is a perfect partner to build with.

Development Toolkit


Viriya’s model of recruiting and establishing a local presence at client sites has succeeded in providing our clients with ample weekly coverage by reducing staff travel time. Recruiting our team locally, we are able to build a team that not only has existing knowledge of the area in which they’re working, but also provide a layer of familiarity and personal investment. Reduced travel costs coupled with our competitive low rates allows Viriya to provide cost-efficient professional consulting services while maintaining the high level of quality expected from our clients.

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