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On May 22, 2011 an EF-5 tornado devastated the City of Joplin, MO. Recorded as the costliest tornado in U.S. history, the City estimated over $3B in damages, including massive impacts to local housing. The lives of our founders, born and raised in Joplin, were forever changed that day. Years later as the City was entering a rebuilding phase, our founders decided to take action in the recovery of their hometown. In 2015, our founders began working with the City on their recovery efforts. In 2017 Viriya was founded with the model of providing local resources who were not only cost effective but also established a local team that had existing knowledge of the community in which they were working and a layer of personal investment. Viriya would go on to support the City in the successful administration of their $158M CDBG-DR grant. 


From grassroot beginnings Viriya has grown into a full scale management consulting firm with a team of more than 150 professional and technical staff, stretching from coast to coast that service state and local governments, healthcare agencies, institutes of higher education, and nonprofit organizations across the country. Providing market leading solutions at competitive rates, our model is tailored to address the individual needs of our clients, developing relationships to drive a collaborative vision.

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