Celebrating 4 Years

Viriya Consulting was founded out of the need for continued local expertise on a federally funded CDBG-DR project in southwest Missouri.  Over the last four years, that expertise has grown and expanded to include subject matter experts in HUD CDBG, CDBG-DR, FEMA-PA, and CARES/CRF funding.  Our team has focused on expanding competencies in a variety of funding sources to better help state and local governments.  Our purpose is to be present to serve when disasters of any shape and size impact any community.

Our origins are in the Midwest but we have extended our services to several other states and territories.  With employees across the country, we have been able to assist in project development and management in Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Massachusetts, South Carolina, North and South Dakota, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, and Puerto Rico.  Each unique project and location have helped to expand our knowledge, capacity and passion for the work that we do. The Viriya Team is grateful for the opportunity to serve communities across the country.

Viriya’s core focus is in disaster recovery consulting and grant writing, however, we are excited for the possibilities the future holds in expansion to other data-oriented services.  The Viriya Team is making strides towards additional services to augment our current offerings to assist in the technological void of grant administration applications and clean data capture.

In a time where unemployment, economic instability, and a world-wide pandemic stoked fear and hardship across the country, we have been fortunate enough to not only be of assistance through these difficult times but also offer opportunities to provide good jobs to amazing people.  Our employees are the backbone of our success and we appreciate being able to share in the development of each team member to assist them in creating a meaningful and rewarding career in service to others.

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