The Legacy of BOTG

Tears, hugs, uncertainty and laughter; these are just some of the raw emotions the Viriya Boots On The Ground (BOTG) staff encounter daily in their support of the SC Stay Plus Program. There have been 470 sunrises since the BOTG team was deployed in the Palmetto state. Since then, thousands of residents have been assisted, and millions of dollars have been provided for rent and utility assistance due to our team’s application and outreach efforts. The BOTG team continues to provide assistance to program participants with questions and inquiries.

From Oconee to Beaufort County, our compassionate BOTG team has been ever present for applicants statewide and is now known as a reliable and caring resource for those negatively impacted by COVID-19. Today, there are more than 30 BOTG sites where assistance is provided daily during the week. Our team and these sites have prevented disconnections, evictions and homelessness in the great state of South Carolina.

“Success is found at the intersection of hard work and opportunity,” is Viriya’s motto. Like our support in South Carolina, we stand ready with dedicated and talented staff to provide critical and timely assistance that you may need to achieve your own success.

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